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New BLACK Raw and Gelatinized Maca
Sun-dried Black Maca (HARD AS A ROCK)

(This is not subliminal advertising...)
(This is not subliminal advertising...)
***UPDATE March 2, 2017: I have also added RED maca to my maca powders now, and also a new product called Maca Monster Light. For now, I will just say: both of these new products are excellent!! For me personally, I have now taken a liking to the red maca, and it is my favourite maca now. Both the raw and gelatinized are awesome, the raw red maca is my all-time favourite at this time. I love it. It tastes REALLY GOOD!!! It is kind of mild, sweet, and has a sort of "strawberry" sort of taste to me which I just naturally go to and enjoy very very much, and the effects and benefits of it are as good or better than any of the other macas. If you have not tried red maca before I highly recomend to give it a try!! The Maca Monster Light is the exact same product as Maca Monster, except instead of being 100% pure maca juice with all of the fiber and roughage discared (which Maca Monster is) it is the whole maca root juice without the fiber and roughage discarded. It is the same in that it is FRESH (not sun-dried like all of the other macas are) and then it is juiced, and dehydrated the same way into a powder. It is a lot cheaper than Maca Monster and indeed is a fantastic maca product and also highly worth trying!! I also now offer a new sample pack of every kind of maca which I sell now. (8 different kinds of maca!!) There is 50 grams of each kind of maca in the sample pack so that will give you an opportunity to try each kind of maca yourself so you KNOW!! which maca that you like best. (I get soooo many people asking "which maca is the best?" "which maca is the most potent?" etc. It is hard to answer those questions, because from experience I know that everyone has a different opinion and a different experience from using each maca. So now with the sample pack, everyone will be able to KNOW for themselves (by trying them) which maca is best for them.)
Back around November 2008, I did a testing of all the different colors of maca roots which my maca supplier supplies. I had been reading about black maca, and that it was found to (esentially)...make the sperm more active and healthy in men. To my limited, non-scientific, and simple mind...this simply meant to me, "ah, perhaps the black maca will make me hornier!!!". That is how my thinking works: skip the details and fancy language and terms and stuff, etc. and just get to the meat of the matter...what will it actually do for me???? So anyways, I ordered a few kilos of each kind of maca root: black, red, purple, white, cream, and there may have been some others, I can't remember. But anyways, I simply do as I always do, and that is to use the product myself until I am perfectly satisfied and sure about what it is like and what it does for me and most importantly (for me...) is it something that I am TRULY liking and super impressed with? Well, it turned out that the black maca indeed was a true improvement over the normal maca which I sell. (which is mostly cream colored roots, because that is the kind which the Peruvians prefer and like best because it is "the sweetest and crunchiest" they say. The black maca indeed is stronger, it has a more intense flavour, it has what I would call a flavour of a slight bitterness, but that bitterness is a "cool" neat" and..."rad" kind of bitterness, in the same way as I think of with ginseng root, that when there is more "ginsenosides" (the active ingredient in ginseng that gives ginseng it's medicinal, therapeutic effects) the ginseng tastes more bitter, in direct proportion with how much ginsenosides are in the ginseng root. (if there are a lot of ginsenosides the ginseng root will be VERY bitter! (and VERY potent!) That is how I think of this black maca: it seems to possess more active "ginsenoside-type" ingredients. (they are called maca-ides I think) The gelatinized black maca was the one that really impressed me the most. I don't usually (in fact I have never said that one of my maca is "better" than another...) class any maca as being better than another maca, I truly think they are just "different" and also that each person gets subjective and different results and effects from each maca according to his or her own state, and physiology etc. (I mean between my raw and gelatinized and maca monster, not between The Root Of The Matter macas and another companies macas, in that aspect I can easily say mine is far superior...!!) :)

That is about it. I find that the black maca especially the gelatinized gives me more of an effect, it has more potency, more of a "punch" to it, an ooomph!! I find I feel more satisfied that the result will be more inspiring and impressive with black maca than the normal cream colored gelatinized maca. With the raw black maca, first of all I really like the taste. It is a lot sweeter than normal raw maca. I did not find the results or the potency to be all that different, but that might simply be my own "personal, subjective, reaction and results with black raw maca!" It is also a great maca, without any doubt, but for me personally the gelatinized is a "to write home about" maca, whereas the black raw is kind of like "more or less the same as the normal raw except for a better taste". I have been sending out samples to people for a couple years now (by substituting the black maca for the normal maca in their orders without them requesting it (ha, sneaky eh?) and have recieved all sorts of feedback and comments, etc. Everyone really likes the black maca, without exception except for a few isolated cases. (like a 1% or less kind of thing) These are the negative comments from people, those customers who said they preferred the normal maca of mine: 1) some people said they did not get the same results from the black raw maca s they get with the cream colored raw maca. (two people, and they are totally adamant about it) One person said he absolutely loves my normal raw maca...and raves on about it like it is religion to him. He said simply: I don't like this black raw maca, it doesn't do anything for me! That was essentially what the other guy said also, he loves the original raw maca, but the black didn't do anything for him, or at least not as much as the original did. Another couple people said they had issues with the black maca (both kinds) making them sweat a repulsive smell, or something like that, it may have be affecting their breath also (giving them bad breath or something) Other than those people all customers were highly liking it (both kinds) and there are many people who say it is very superior to the original kind. I am charging $5.00 a kilo more for the black maca because I have to pay more for it and also because it is in short supply. They can not supply it as much as with the original kind. I suggest for sure to check out a bag of each black maca and see what you think. In the end, my honest words are: after years of using all macas, I like to alternate, mix, and use only them as my body feels and intuitively guides me to do. For example: my very favourite maca is a mixture of all kinds of maca I have: raw, gelatinized, and maca monster, and black raw and black gelatinized. (I call this "Maca Medley" and if I ever get the time it will be a great product to offer on the website) Just experiment and use more or less of each until you find that "perfect" mixture of all the macas, and it is indeed an amazing and very effective and satisfying maca!

Basically, the black maca is quite similar to the normal maca, and there is not all that huge of a difference for most people, but there is noticeable differences and it is a GREAT Maca. Here is the scientific tests and information which got me interested in it:
(oh yeh, I forgot to mention about the other colors of maca. I tried them all and gave myself a decent amount of time to find something good about them, but I did not like them. That's it. I found them bland and almost without any great qualities. So said "forget them". Yes, I know the red maca is supposed to be good for the prostate or something, but I am not going to start carrying anything just because it is supposed to be good for the prostate. It has to really blow me away big time before I will ever supply it to anyone else. The bottom line for me with herbs is RESULTS. IMPRESSIVENESS. LIFE CHANGING EFFECTIVENESS. INCREASING THE HAPPINESS AND PLEASURE AND ENJOYMENT OF LIFE. SEX!!!!! HEALTH!!! HAPPINESS!!! JOY!!!! LOVE!!!! BLISSS!!!! Etc. Scientific tests that imply something improves the prostate is ho-hum and boring and I am not about to start getting into selling products for those kind of reasons.) - Ken

Gonzales GF, Nieto J, Rubio J, Gasco M.

Instituto de Investigaciones de la Altura, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru.

Lepidium meyenii (Maca) grows exclusively between 4000 and 4500 m above sea level in the Peruvian central Andes. The hypocotyls of this plant are traditionally used in the Andean region for their supposed fertility-enhancing properties. The hypocotyls have different colours. Of these, Black maca has better effects on spermatogenesis. The present study aimed to test the hypothesis that Black maca has early effects during a spermatogenic cycle (12 days) of male rats. For this, testicular spermatid, epididymal sperm and vas deferens sperm counts were measured after 1, 3, 5, 7 and 12 days of treatment with Black maca. Aqueous extract of Black maca was given orally by daily gavage at a dose of 2 g kg(-1). In a spermatogenic cycle, compared with day 1, daily sperm production (DSP) was lower at day 7 (control), whereas with Black maca, the difference was observed at day 12. Epididymal sperm count was higher in rats treated with Black maca at days 1, 3 and 7, but similar to controls at days 5 and 12; similarly sperm counts in vas deferens was higher in rats treated with Black maca in days 3, 5 and 7, but similar to controls at days 1 and 12. From this, it is suggested that first action of Black maca was at epididymal level increasing sperm count after 1 day of treatment, whereas an increase in sperm count was observed in vas deferens at day 3 of treatment. Finally, an increase in DSP was observed after 7 days of treatment with Black maca. Testicular testosterone was not affected after 7 days treatment with Black maca. In conclusion, Black maca affects sperm count as early as 1 day after beginning of treatment.

PMID: 16961569 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Discovered in Andes Mountains of Peru maca doesn't crop up wherever else on the globe, however in Peru. Maca is a vegetable of a mustard family. Its shut family are radish and turnips. Maca root is used as food and is eaten baked, dried, in a liquid type, or blended in with different foods and beverages. Maca root varies in coloration from white to black with about thirteen identified shades, but the three generally acknowledged teams are black, pink (also typically referred to as purple) and yellow (also typically referred to as gold). With so many to choose from is there a difference between the three? Is one higher than other? None has really been scientifically proven to be better than other; however, every one of them has its particular useful effects.
Researchers at Univcersidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, in Lima, Peru, carried out a study to discover variations in effect of Black, Yellow and Purple maca. Historically Maca has been described as a fertility-enhancing plant. However is this effect equal among all maca ecotypes? Although sharing the same wealthy dietary components and benefits with Purple and Yellow maca Black maca has been noted for its superior effect on spermatogenesis. Sexually energetic adult rats were given numerous varieties of maca on a day by day basis. After both, brief-time period and lengthy-time period, observations the outcomes have shown that solely these rats given Black Maca had elevated their DSP (each day sperm production). Also, Black Maca was the one ecotype that had any impact on epididymal sperm motility.
Moreover, to disclose a degree of other helpful properties in Pink, Black, and Yellow maca mice had been positioned in 4 teams - group with no maca intake at all, group given Pink maca, group given Yellow maca and group given Black maca. Then, all four groups were given a water discovering reminiscence take a look at the place the groups had to find tubes with ingesting water. By way of this check it was studied and revealed that Black Maca has more impact on latent learning. Furthermore, Black maca improves scopolamine-induced reminiscence deficit.
Moreover, mice have been used to check the effect of Yellow, Black and Purple maca on despair and fatigue. Mice had been once once more divided into groups that every were given totally different ecotype of Maca root and then positioned in a swimming pool to find out their power level. While, all three kinds, Black, Red and Yellow maca have proven less idleness in the pool, group fed with Black maca showed longer active time within the water. Black maca group got here to fatigue in 100-120 minutes. In comparison, group with none maca consumption came to fatigue in 10-15 minutes.
Although all three Maca root ecotypes, Crimson, Yellow and Black are identified for their nutritional value, fertility enhancer properties, antioxidant and antidepressant skills, temper and sexual drive booster qualities, Black Maca has proven to have better impact on male reproductive system, to extend work exercise stage with higher tolerance to fatigue, to enhance reminiscence and studying skills, to lift vitality and to fight despair and anxiety.
Tenesha O. Kujawski

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/what-exactly-is-black-maca-or-the-maca-root-learn-extra-by-searching-online-4002641.html#ixzz1BSD6wDMs
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