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The Real Root Of The Matter Is Peace!!!
And Love!...

Company philosophy: 1) Sell high quality products that really work - for a good price. 2) Treat customers with respect and courtesy. 3) Make people happy. 4) Serve. Do not think about what you want...only about other people want. 4) Help people attain their desires. 5) Enjoy every day, have fun, and don't get caught up with profit and success. Just be happy - don't worry!...

The Root Of The Matter! came into being through Ken Johnson the owner, having a personal love of herbs that turned into a passion for selling herbs. Ken spent much of his life using herbs, and he has an extensive practical experience and knowledge of them. Ken always had a special personal preference for Asian Ginseng and he uses a lot of chinese red ginseng himself and when he met a personal contact in China who was selling very high grade low pesticide chinese red ginseng roots for less than he was accustomed to seeing them for, he decided to start a business selling wholesale priced ginseng roots to friends and people he knew in Victoria, B.C., Canada...his home town.

Then, people began to comment on his low prices and the excellent quality of the roots, so he started doing a little bit of research into it he and discovered that it would be a smart idea to concentrate on selling ginseng roots to stores and on the internet, and he started selling them to local health food stores and other herbal practitioners. About this time Ken discovered the ancient Peruvian root that is becoming quite popular around the world now called Maca! He was very excited and inspired by the incredible changes the maca was making in himself and it got to the point he became convinced that Maca was destined to be the next Ginseng, so he started selling it too.

Eventually it developed into selling American Ginseng, Echinacea, and Goldenseal as well. Ken thinks "If I have a chance to find great quality herbs that I am really pleased with, and if I can provide them to other people for less money than they would normally be paying for them, then I do them a favor, and at the same time it helps me with my expenses of buying herbs for myself. That is a win-win situation...it makes me happy, it makes others happy, and because that is the way I like things to be, that is what I will continue to do!" Ken will be adding more herbs to his selection of herbs at The Root Of The Matter! just as soon as he sources out some more great quality herbs at great prices.

Ken loves people and he says he has made some great friends and business associates through this business, and that has been a really great side benefit. Ken gets rewarded if he makes other people happy and he hopes very much that his herbs will be enjoyed by people and that they will have a chance to save some money. Ken has chosen to focus on acquiring only the very best herbs he could find and selling them for the lowest prices possible. That is the whole story behind The Root Of The Matter!, not very complicated or fancy but when you get really great herbs for a really low price all that fancy stuff does not matter because as Ken says "that is not The Root Of The Matter!"

"...Some say that I am crazy...Yes, I am crazy!!..."

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