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***Dear Valued Numbers! (Woops, I Meant Credit Cards...) (WOOPS, Sorry, I Meant Customers!...)
If Maca Monster Is A Little Too Steep In Price For You, Remember That We Also Carry Raw And Gelatinized Maca! (You Don't Necessarily Have To Get The Cadillac Right Away...The Ford And The B.M.W. Are Also Very Nice...)
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"I received the monster in the mail Thurs. What the f**k. I
think I just got a peek under Nirvana's skirt. Wow! Is that the way to go or
what? Sign me up for the rest of my life would you? Take care my awesome new
best friend.
Internally grateful"

"Monsterously Tasty!"
"Monsterously Potent!"
1 Kg. Bag Of Maca Monster
(As You Can See, It Is Quite "Grainy", Or "Granule-Like".
That Is Because We Are Trying To Keep It As Close As Possible To It's Natural And Unprocessed State. But Once You Put 1 Teaspoon Of Maca Monster Into Water Or Liquid, It Dissolves Almost Completely Within Seconds. There Are Some Little Hardened Chunks Of Natural Sugars That Will Not Dissolve Right Away, But Suck On Them And They Should Dissolve Quite Fast. )

How Maca Monster Is Made:

It Takes
19 Kilograms
(42 pounds)
Of Freshly Picked
Raw Organic
Maca Roots To
Make 1 Kg.
(2.2 Lbs.)
Of Maca
First Of All,
The Fresh
Maca Roots
Are Washed
Prepared For
Then They
Juiced To
Make 100%
The Freshly Squeezed Maca Juice Is Then Put Into Stainless Steel Trays And Freeze Dried High In The Andean Highlands. It Is Done According To A Secret Ancient Inca Formula For Naturally Freeze Drying Perishables. It Is Put Into A Tent Protected By Special Cloth That Protects The Juice From Insects, Dusts, and Contaminants. It Is Left In The Freezing Winds Of The Highlands In Peru, Below The Glacial Ice Cap. According To The Ancient Inca Procedure For Freeze Drying, The Juice Is Exposed To Extremely Low Temperatures At Night And Then To The Sun In The Morning. This Is The Inca´s Secret Time Tested Formula. It Is Just The First Step. This Formula Has 3 Steps. The Second Step Involves Leaving The Juice In The Highlands In Bags Of Cloth. The 3rd Step Is Done In The Highlands Indoors Where The Juice Is Dried At Room Temperature. The Amount Of Fresh Raw Maca Roots It Takes To Make 1 Kg. Of Maca Monster Varies From 13 Kgs. to 19 Kgs., With The Average Being 15-16 Kgs.

Maca Monster's Testimonials!
Since Ken Is The First And Only Person To Try Maca Monster So Far, His Is The First And Only Testimonial So Far! Here Is What He Says:

"This is the best thing I have ever tried."

"Maca Monster is a perfect product. 100% perfect."

"The way it makes you feel is like you have swallowed the sun...all of this perfect feeling and incredble energy and blissful, glowing, healthiness sweeps over you and sweeps away any trace of whatever may have been in some way not totally healthy and blissful and content. It is literally indescribable. It is perfect."

"As far as libido increase is concerned, I do not see how anything could be better than Maca Monster! Anything more potent than this would be illegal. Maca Monster almost immediately has you howling at the moon with lust, and physical appetites that are too powerful to even consider controlling! For libido increase, this product is the best thing I have ever used, and I hope that every guy or girl who has ever wanted sex to be the ultimate greatest thing imagineable to try Maca Monster. It will probably exceed your expectations. This makes me very happy to think about. What an incredible blessing to be able to hand something to people that will turn them onto the experience of ignited inward flames exploding like you are breathing fire and going wild with sexual desire. That is just the tip of the iceberg when I am decribing this product, because I have not begun to find out at all what it can do. I tried a 100 gram sample back in January 2005. That is it, that is all I have had. I have been extremely impatiently waiting ever since then it to get some more, but there was no fresh maca roots available until just just this month (August 2005) because they were all being dried in the sun. Who knows what kind of things will be experienced after using Maca Monster regularly for 1 or 2 or 3 kilos?!! I am very, very, eager to find out! Growing hair on the palms of the hands would not surprise me in the least!!!".

"I believe every person on the face of this earth will be amazed by Maca Monster. It is (to me) THE most perfect health product for everyone. I am so excited and happy and enthusiastically anticipating what people are going to say about Maca Monster, that I feel that I have finally found my place or purpose in this life: to supply the very best supplement to mankind available on earth. That is how I feel, and those are my sincere thoughts about Maca Monster. It will make a monster out of you, and you will absolutely love it! I think that is what we are supposed to be like - so outrageously healthy and happy and horny and full of energy and bliss that indeed you are like some kind of monster. That is totally wonderful!!!".

"One last thought: because this Maca Monster is so utterly PURE, fresh, and 100% RAW...it is alltogether different from any other kind of maca. It makes me feel, and I truly experience this inside: that it is like another dimension of health product. Maca itself is so amazing as it is, and many people including myself are totally in awe of it, but this maca product is something alltogether different. It is like only the perfect and medicinal and energizing part of maca, without all the parts that (for lack of a more appropriate word) are sort of "gross". It is the essence, the spirit, the heart of maca without the bulk, the filler, and the cellulose, the gross stuff. Anyways, I am going to stop here. I will see what I feel like several months from now, but for now, I can simply say Maca Monster gets me monstrously excited and happy and anticipating miraculous great things happening from now on!"

The first people (besides Ken) to write in: "as advertised absolutely awsesome shoulda got the kilo."

"It has a rich taste and the beadlets are much easier to mix and deal with. This stuff is terrific, like everything else I've tried from Ken."

"I am loving this stuff. it is my first experience with maca in any form and now I cant think of having a day go by without using it. Its subtle in
nature but its something I have come to desire a great deal."

"The "beast" is bigger and badder than I imagined. The taste is so full and rich of maca with no bitterness whatsoever!! I just put a teaspoonful in my mouth and then take some sips of water to slowly dissolve it in my mouth and swallow. Great tasting and more potent than the gelatinized maca. I feel the same effects with one teaspoon of the "beast" as I did with 2-3 teaspoons of gelatinized maca. Just one request: Hurry up and fill your back orders because I will be ordering more soon!"

"If you recall, in my inquiry to purchase I said I wanted this stuff because my get up and go, has got up and gone. The last two months have been unproductive as I have burned out and become saturated at the speed of my business's . So I meant it when I said I needed this stuff to get me going again. Well so far today I have cleared my desk of 2 month old issues, and organized my week. I have an upcoming trade show to prepare for and I'll be ready. I also have a business unit to create for another client , an outsourcing project. I feel like I'm back on track. I've had a "head stuffed with cotton" feeling for over a month, and now it's gone. Thank God !"

"I love the monster. I'll wait as long as it takes. This product is the absolute best thing going!"

"The Monster Maca sample was also extremely good - I actually felt ill one day, ate a teaspoonful of MM and felt really good in approx. 5 mins."

"I received the Maca Monster today, and just consumed the first glass. It is fantastic--what a complex and exotic earthiness. This will become a fixture in my diet. I am so pleased and impressed; and I look forward to experiencing it's health benefits."

"I am overwhelmed with how incredible the MM is. I'm truly hooked for life. Do I
really need to stop taking it for a few days every week or can I just consume
it everyday. I've tried to take time off but always seem to want it. I'm now
consuming large quantities of both raw cacao and MM and feel wonderful in both
body and mind."

"the maca is great great great."

"The ride feels very steady and stable and not to mention, bloody enjoyable. Well worth the wait, thankyou."

"I love the maca monster, the flavor has alreay grown on me and now I find myself craving the flavor alone ;)"

the monster maca is GGRREEEAAATTTT !!!!!"

"I wanted to let you know two things: First, how in-freaking-credible Maca Monster is! Truly the best, cream of the crop of maca. In a league of it's own. Thank goodness you found this rare treasure and share it with fellow maca fiends! Second, I applaud you sir, for offering stellar, first-class, one-of-a-kind service not just through your business but more importantly, as a human being with true character and dignity. I want to let people on your website know this. Thanks Ken! I'm LOVING this tasty maca!"

"holy kamoly! let me tell you i got my maca monster today and took two heaping teaspoonfuls in a bit of pineapple juice. about twenty minutes later i was flying high; I thought, could this stuff be cut with meth or extacy or something. I should mention that i did get a bit light headed at first; but subsided pretty quick. that was twelve hours ago and i feel frigging GREAT; great stuff."

"Hi Ken, will drop you a line soon letting you know how much I LOVE the maca. (monster) I'm buying it again which is always the best testemonial."

"we love the monster, thankyou sooo much. our friends here in mexico love it as well. good work!"

"That friggin maca monster is a gift from god. Its really a phenomenon. Its like the "thing" that makes the morning so exciting. I used to look at the protein drinks like, "what additional thing can I do to change the taste today...." but the monster is in there, wow. makes you take on the day! and not get "over done" you can just cruise through anything challenging!"

" The Monster Maca is gold necter from heaven! My god! I agree that it feels like the energy of the sun!"

1) What Is Maca Monster?
Maca Monster is dehydrated fresh raw maca juice. We pick ripe raw maca roots, wash them in cold water, put them through a juicer to make fresh juice out of them, and then freeze dry the fresh juice in the Andean highlands to make freshly freezed dried raw maca root juice powder.

2) What Makes Maca Monster So Special?
A) It is fresh. (it is not dried like other maca) Fresh maca has all of the nutrients, and energy, and enzymes, and potency still intact. Drying maca causes the maca to lose some of it's nutrients and potency. The same way as fresh apples and dried apples, and fresh grapes, and dried raisins. Although dried fruit is excellent and has lots of goodness in it, there is a lot more nourishment and food value in fresh fruit than there is in dried fruit. Also, it is freeze dried as soon as it is juiced, meaning none of the nutrients and enzymes had a chance to be lost, denatured, or affected. Freeze drying retains all of the natural properties of food or plant material. (just about) It is VERY very good, and healthy stufff, Maca Monster!!

B) It has no fiber in it. Most maca is a high percentage of cellulose, or fiber. That is the part that floats around and does not dissolve in your cup when you stir up ordinary maca into a glass of water. (or juice) Both gelatinized and raw maca powder still have all of the fibrous cellulose in it, by the way. With Maca Monster, we discard ALL!!! of the pulp which comes out of the juicer when we juice the maca roots. Maca Monster is 100% water soluble. (it dissolves in water and liquids 100%) That means it is a lot more easy to drink it and stir it, as well as it means it is a lot more concentrated and POTENT. It takes 19 kg. of raw maca roots to make 1 kg. of Maca Monster powder. Where did all of the fiber and pulp go? Into the garbage. Maca Monster is a VERY concentrated, potent, pure, and DELICIOUS maca root drink! Maca Monster tastes like you are having a glass of fresh maca juice in Peru, it is very close to that experience in every way!!

C) Fresh maca roots still have the "life force" or that part of the root that is alive and living. That may be a subtle quality, and seemingly not a very important aspect of fresh maca roots, but after experiencing tasting Maca Monster for the first time, you will be amazed as can be at the incredible difference it makes to how it afftects you. It is amazing! Absolutely amazing, how the energy, and the purity, and the living...vibrant powerful force of the maca root is kept in it's original condition. It is an experience that you just have to experience yourself to be able to comprehend what it is like. Ken says that it is like the power of the sun. Think of the power of the sun...and that is what it is like to drink Maca Monster. Absolutely mind blowing for causing a feeling of health and happiness and energy and revitalization. This is because it has not been devitalized at all by any processing or drying. It is as pure and as close to the same as drinking raw maca juice as possible without going to Peru and juicing the roots yourself! In a word, Maca Monster is DIVINE.

3) Why Is Maca Monster Expensive?
There are two reasons for this. One is that it takes 19 kg. of raw maca roots to make 1 kg. of Maca Monster. That is a lot of maca! It is not expensive compared to how much it is worth. Besides, the price we are charging is quite reasonable. We are keeping the price as low as we can to provide a product of the very highest quality and concentrated potency to everyone who wants the absolute best there is in a maca product.

The other important point to mention is that there is another company on the internet selling dehydrated maca juice powder also. To our knowledge we are the only two places you can get it. But do not think that Maca Monster is in any way at all like that product. Maca Monster is in no way like it. Ken tried the dehydrated maca juice powder from that other company for himself, and he says "the difference between the two is like the difference between perfection, and an unbelievably strong tasting almost ordinary type of maca powder". The other product still has all the fiber in it. It still "floats around and clumps up" in water like ordinary maca powder does.

Maca Monster has all of the fiber removed, so that there is no powder floating around in your glass. It is like day and night, the difference it makes. Also, the taste of the other product is almost intolerable, it is so spicy and hot and pungent like a very strong radish drink because of the fiber that is left in the juice. Maca Monster is like a creamy, very fine, almost sweet liqueor, milk, or juice. It can not be stressed enough the difference it makes when ONLY MACA JUICE is used and dehydrated.

One is bulky, a pungent radishy tasting drink with a lot of powder still in it like regular maca. The other is a shot of something from heaven. It is unbelievable. This is why ours might be a little more expensive. Because it is a lot more concentrated. Having said that though, their product definitely is excellent, extremely strong and a very very good maca. There is no doubt about it. It is very fresh tasting so that you can almost taste what a raw maca root must taste like. It is so strong that you can feel it when you drink it as it goes through your system and it really has a lot of incredible nutrients and benefits. But it is NOT Maca Monster. Heaven Forbid!!

When depressed, and feeling so bad, that you feel like killing yourself...REMEMBER: well, at least you are not a prick.

Maca Monster Information:

Start with 1 flat or 1 rounded teaspoon. (You can even start with 1/2 flat teaspoon, it is very strong) You can slowly increase up to 2 heaped teaspoons (or the amount that you feel best with) if you like. Use luke warm water preferably, (it dissolves easier in luke warm water than in cold water) but cold water is also fine. Stir well for about a minute. Start drinking it by SIPPING IT SLOWLY. Do not drink it down fast. You will need to keep stirring every so often to dissolve as much of it as you can into the water. With maca juice it is very potent and you should drink it like you are "eating" it, not like you are drinking it. There is a lot of concentrated food energy in juice, so let your body digest it slowly and gradually. When you get to the bottom of the glass, try and stir up the little "chunks" on the bottom of the glass and drink them back all at once very quickly like you are downing a shot glass of tequila. This is so you get all of the chunks into your mouth so you can let them dissolve slowly in your mouth by sucking them. If you miss some, use a spoon to spoon them into your mouth and suck them until dissolved. These little chucks are the naturally occuring hardened "fruit sugars" that are sort of like a sugary syrup, and they harden because of the freeze drying process. They are perfectly safe and good, possibly even the best part.

How long would a kilo last?

Depending on how much you use. Probably about 1-2 months, maybe 2 and 1/2 months if you use 1 flat teaspoon per day. I use 3 rounded teaspoons per day because I love it and am a hard core addict, but some people may be fine with a flat teaspoon per day, and 1 kilo probably lasts me about 3 weeks-1 month. It just depends on how much you feel you want. The more you take, the better you feel, generally.

Which is better normal maca or Maca Monster?

They are both great. Normal maca is like a good meal, and a nice tall cold glass of milk. Maca Monster is like caviar, and a glass of champagne. Either one works great and is perfect, but one is a special luxury product for those who are able to afford it.

You list effects and testimonials pretty liberally for men but what about women?

Maca Monster is brand new product for me. I do not know much about it, yet. But it will work as well for women as it does for men I can guarantee it, because all it is maca (albeit a juice) so maca works exactly the same for both sexes. That is what makes maca so great, it is not gender specific, it is for everybody and children, and pets also!

Why are there dark colored chunks in the bag of Maca Monster? That is the hardened naturally occuring fruit sugars that has formed into little hard chunks due to the freezedrying process.
There is nothing wrong with those chunks. They are just the sweet part of the juice (the most sugary part) turned to caramel form. I love those chunks! It is pure raw maca juice power!

By the way, about the taste of Maca Monster: I am not sure what people will think about the taste, but I think it tastes fantastic, and if you sip it slow and allow your body to digest it slowly and gradually, it gradually grows on you and turns into a daily obsession.

Have a monsterously, frighteningly great day!!

"Eeeb-ba-deeb-ba-deeb-ba-deeb...That's all folks!"
"To Err Is Human, To Break Wind Is Divine"

Buy Maca Monster
1 Kg. Of Organic Maca Monster (Dehydrated Maca Juice Powder) - US$64.95

Buy Maca Monster
SALE! If You Buy 3 Kg. (Or More) Of Maca Monster (Dehydrated Maca Juice Powder) - You Will Pay Only US$62.95/Kg.

Buy Maca Monster
1/2 Kg. (500 Grams) Of Organic Maca Monster (Dehydrated Maca Juice Powder) - US$34.95

Life Is A Death Defying Experience  
(Ken Johnson)

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